Tuesday, July 9, 2013

don't be mad, but...

Hello friends!

Last week I shared that ALL my junk was up for grabs due to the fact that I am on bed rest with my pregnancy. With 5 months of pregnancy left to go, and then post-partum life with baby boy #3 (not to mention boy #2 and boy #1) I expect things will be busy for some time after that, I decided to let it all go.

It was a painful decision, I won't even lie. Hubby went to the storage unit and took a million pictures, and I edited them and mourned my "lost" treasures and what could have been. I consoled myself with large amounts of chocolate and lashed out at my poor, innocent husband in hormonal fits of sadness. (I have since apologized.)

The post went live around 8 PM on Friday night, and I must tell you, I finally turned my phone off a little after midnight, cause some folks were getting a lil' crazy! Who knew so many fellow junk lovers lived so close to me and were ready to sink their teeth into the corpse of my business and feast on the remains! Kidding, kidding. I'd be doing the same thing if I were in your shoes.  (But seriously, texting at 12:30am? Who does that? I'll assume it was the crazies from the Craigslist ad I posted, and not my beloved blog readers.You guys are too cool for that.)

Then on Saturday morning, I got an email that might as well have come straight from Heaven. A local antiques dealer was expanding her store, and wanted the Full Monty!  Everything all at once, THEY would move it out of the unit, Hubby & I didn't have to worry about a thing. Can you believe it? The only way that deal was getting sweeter was if they threw in a unicorn!

So I began the daunting task of sending out about a million apologies to everyone that took the time to call, text, or email...everyone I excited then disappointed about my sale, and beg their forgiveness and understanding... I felt certain that I broke at least a couple hearts, and was taking it kind of heavily, when Hubby said "Honey, I think you are taking this too seriously. People don't want your junk THAT BADLY!  They like it just fine, it had a good price, and they probably just wanted to help you given the circumstances! You aren't breaking anyone's heart, I'm sure of it. It's just old junk."

Ahem. (Have we met?)

Maybe I just take my junk way too seriously, because I'm almost positive I'm petty enough to hold a grudge over the right treasure. Hell, I get mad at the lady who is leaving the yard sale I'm just walking up to if she's leaving with good stuff that I missed by THIS MUCH. Then I have to say a little junker's prayer for inner peace, and remind myself not to think bad thoughts about her...that she's probably a lovely person, good for her, etc...but secretly (or publicly on a blog) I boil! BUT... 100% of you seemed genuinely happy for me that things went so well. I was amazed at your grace. Very inspiring, ladies. (And if you are secretly boiling, thanks for not making me feel bad about the route I took.)

So thank you all again for your inquiries, but the sale has been canceled. I appreciate all of your interest and wish you all the luck in the world in your future junk finding expeditions! Spend the next 8-9 months gathering up all you can, because I won't be on bed rest forever...




  1. oh, you'll be back with a VENGEANCE!

  2. I'm glad it worked out well for you. Take care and get lots of rest : )

  3. yay for you!! I am not mad cause I don't live close enough to have gotten my hopes up....LOL!! You take that money and run..its for your family!!
    Nothing trumps that!
    Hugs and get some rest.


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